PixKix Beta Frequently Asked Questions
If you like PixKix then you'll love our other app Pixound!

If PixKix is a Beta, when is the real version coming out?

We are trying to create the next release as fast as we can but because we are self-funded and have other projects, it's slow going. One thing we can tell you it will be worth the wait. We hope to have the real version out by Christmas 2012...too bad some reviewers are all jumpy and felt compelled to review a pre-release public beta!

Why is PixKix so complicated?

We know that some of the options in PixKix can seem confusing to some users and we will streamline it in the next release. It was originally based on our Pixound app which is sophisticated music software. However the idea is simple: take a picture, record a sound, share it to the Community.

I created a PixKix account, how can I share it with my friends?

We know this is a basic requirement of any social app to be able to "invite" friends. We don't want to have the same sort of spammy app everybody else has that bombards your friends with requests and Facebook posts so we are considering different ideas. In the mean time, just tell your friend to install PixKix and make an account using all the methods available: IM, email, FB, Twitter, etc.. If you know either your friends Community Name or her email address, all you have to do is enter it in the Community Search Bar. If they have posted anything you can then follow them. If they haven't posted anything, they won't come up.

How do I share a sound-photo with my friends?

Once you have snapped a photo or loaded it in from your photo library and recorded a sound bite, just hit the littleicon in the upper left corner. Give it a title and say whether you want it to be "public" or "private". Hit the "Upload to Community" button and it will let you know if it was successful. You can also post them from the Preset Manager panel by tapping thebutton. Then your friends will a) have to have the app and b) need to know your user name or email address to find and follow you. After that, all your posts will be seen by them (unless you put a key on them, then they'll have to know your key)

I marked my share as "public" but why don't I see it in the community?

We are notified when someone has uploaded a public preset. We have to give it the once-over before we release it into the public to make sure it passes the basic standards. However, it will immediately be available to anyone who is following you or knows your email or user name. You should also be able to immediately see it in your "Mine" tab in the Community. We are at once very interested in protecting your privacy as well as the public's eyes and ears since it includes children of all ages.

Can I post things that even my followers don't see?

Yes. If you add a "key" into your description when you post something by adding a @ followed by a keyword, only your followers will be able to see the posting and only IF they know the key and enter it into the Search Bar like: @thekey. You can have as many keys as you like or use the same one for all your private posts.

Can I delete my posts?

Yes. Go to the "Mine" tab in the community. If you are logged in you will see a small red X button that allows your to delete the file. It won't affect your local copy, only the one on the cloud.

Why do I have to give my shares unique titles?

Originally it was for practical reasons so files people download that contain settings, images and sounds don't overwrite files with the same name saved on their phone or pad. Future versions will use a different method and it won't be required. However, we sort of like the fact that images have to be called something because it adds another creative element to it.

Can I change the pitch of my recording?

Yes. If you have your effect set to "Straight Up", use the small piano keyboard to change the pitch. This will get stored with your settings.

Wher can I send my suggestions?

We welcome your suggestions so please email them to info [at] tecnemedia [dot] com.

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