Pixound Tips

Pixound can be a little overwhelming to the beginner but don't worry and just relax and approach it more like a toy. There's no hurry to learn Pixound and it rewards those who dive in with lots of things you can explore and share with others. Another side effect of Pixound is you will learn things about music without even trying, like what different scales sound like and rhythms, tempo, etc.

PLEASE USE HEADPHONES OR STEREO SPEAKERS! iPhone speakers are cool and everything but if you like real music, you'll want to hear the bass the way it was meant! Since Pixound has a full synthesizer built in and it can play extremely low notes (high ones too), the iPhone/Pad speakers can't hold a candle to real ones or good headphones. A note of caution: makes sure if you are using speakers to be careful not to set it too loud becase the low frequencies could damage them if they are not strong enough.

FREE VERSION TIP: If you are using the free version, you are limited to three images to play and can't control sounds BUT...if your friends send you presets, you can play it with the settings and sounds they sent you so you can still collect cool presets in the free version. Don't have any friends with Pixound? No prob...just download some of these presets on the Pixound Preset Share Zone of our site. Just download them from Safari onto your iPhone and they'll go to Pixound automatically.

UNLOCKING DEALS: We recommend unlocking using at least the Preset Pack 2 option as this gives you all functionality AND 10 additional presets including the super fun Mystery Preset that randomly sets a bunch of settings for you so you can explore the infinite possibilities. It also opens up 12 new song patterns and 60 new images.

RECORDING TIPS: If you want to record a song and make sure it loops perfectly try these steps:

  1. Tap Pause
  2. Tap the Record button (red circle in upper right)
  3. Tap the Main Play Button
  4. Now when you want this to be the last time you loop through the song, slide out on the Song Play button and it will change to single-shot mode and will stop at the end of the song
  5. Tap the Stop Recording button (flashing red square in upper right)
  6. Save or share your recording

When Autoplay is active, tap the icon to switch to play-along method and vice versa. This lets you play an additional three voices on top ofthe Autoplay voices and can get a very fat sound. Also, make sure to go to your Settings and try the different Autoplay Styles. I really like the Circular style. To make a bigger circle make sure the icon is showing and drag your finger in a diagnal to set the circular area. Adjust the Autoplay Jump to make it jump around the circle faster or slower. Then Tap theicon to switch into play along mode and jam with the autoplay.

If you have the full version, you can share your creations with others. Currently, it shares via email so your friend will have to pick up their email on their iPhone or iPad to download it. You can also email it to your self and download it to your desktop. What can you do with that you ask? You can put it on a web site and people can then download your presets and recordings (with your picture) in Safari on their device.

email: pixound [at] technemedia.com

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