Pixound Turns Photos into Musical Instruments, and It’s Better Than You Think--Gizmodo

Hear Colors as Music.

Any picture or video becomes a musical trio you control!

Jam With Your
Pictures & Videos!

You've probably never wondered how a picture sounds. It's not the usual sort of question, but it has a fun answer.

Pixound iPhone App allows you to "play" pictures in any scale and key by moving your finger over the image. This is the most fun Pixound ever!
PixKix iPhone App allows you to add sound bites to your photos and lets others interact with your sounds and photos at the same time!

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Pixound for iPhone/iPad

PixKix for iPhone/iPad


Pixound Technology



Musicians Who've Enjoyed
Pixound Include:

Herbie Hancock (Grammy Winner)
David Byrne (Talking Heads)
Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo, Simpsons)
Michael Shrieve (Santana, Spellbinder)
George Clinton (Funkadelic)
Tony "Thunder" Smith (Jeff Beck) 

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