December 10, 2011

The Birth of a New Form of Entertainment for the Ages
The Closest Thing to Getting an Entirely New Sense!

We, at Techné Media™ are delighted to announce the release of Pixound™ for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the world's first and only visual music-izer. The Pixound App turns your iOS device into an amazing musical/visual toy where three senses become one (Touch-Sight-Sound). Imagine creating advanced music in real-time by running your finger over a picture. Pixound makes this a reality. Any picture becomes a unique control interface for a vast range of sounds and musical parameters, yet can be played by a child.  

At the heart of this one-of-a-kind software is a patented technology that translates color information into musical information, thus empowering anybody to make credible music, from classical to bluegrass using ordinary pictures or videos as the “control interface.” Simply move your finger over the image or engage one of the many “autoplay” styles. The music produced is intuitively structured by you with the gestures you make and the path you take through the image. The music is further influenced by settings you select such as: key, scale (over 60 to choose from), tempo, instruments and more. You may also load presets that you have saved from past settings to combine with new images or use crafted presets provided with the software.

In the future, preset packages will be available from Techné Media and other Pixound enthusiasts using a sharing system under development. This will enable not only in-app purchases of rich content, but user-to-user sharing of recordings and settings, though networks like SoundCloud, Twitter and more. “The introductory price of 99 cents is sure to astonish users when they see what they get,” says Peter McClard, inventor and co-founder of Techné Media.

Techné Media was founded in 1987 in New York, New York. Formally Hologramophone Research, Inc., the company has produced a stream of innovative software inventions from HyperChord, Cyclophone and Pixound to DNA (Dynamic Non-repeating Art) and Art Fountain.

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